Hill and Hollow Farm - Community Supported Agriculture


Apprenticeships are provided room and full board; accommodation varies depending on who is on the farm and length of stay. If you are interested in applying to our program, please feel free to contact me to initiate a correspondence and or fill out the application and print and mail it to me or email it to me.

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filling up the water

We want apprentices to be involved in all aspects of life here at Hill and Hollow. Our apprentices work with either Paul or me each day learning what it takes to run a CSA and live in a sustainable way off of the land. Typically, Hill and Hollow hosts 2 full-time apprentices who remain here for the duration of the main growing season, March through October. We also have other short term volunteers who come during the peak summer months. We have monthly educational workshops at regional farms as part of our Kentucky CRAFT group.  Allowing apprentices to see what other Kentucky farms are working on and offering a wonderful chance to meet and spend time with the area’s interns and farmers, the CRAFT group has proven to be one of the most successful cooperative initiatives in our region. On the farm, we begin work early each day and break at midday to share our main meal, followed by a siesta during the hottest part of the day; we regroup for an evening work period. Tasks vary with each day and with the seasons, but apprentices can expect to do some of each of the following during their stays with us.

Animal Chores
General care for cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and pigs; Feeding and watering; collecting eggs; rotating paddocks; fencing;  pasture management; milking; and sheep shearing.

Vegetable Operation
Seeding, transplanting, weeding, cultivating, mulching all varieties of vegetables, herbs and cut flowers.

Shiitake Mushrooms
Inoculating logs; soaking and harvesting mushrooms.

Homesteading Skills
Home dairying includes milking, cheese making, butter making, and yogurt making. Food preservation including drying, canning and freezing. Rendering lard.

Farm Maintenance
Erecting and maintaining fences, trail clearing, ongoing construction projects, designing and building movable animal shelters.

The Rural Center
Helping with school group visits; short-term internships, non-profit organizational work, organizing farm field days and other outreach and educational components to our farm.

CSA/Farmers Market
Harvesting and organizing CSA full and half share baskets; market set up and farmers market direct sales in metro Nashville and Glasgow, KY, retail sales to local health food store; display and sales of cut flowers and herbs.

Paul and Robin met as interns on an organic farm in 1994 and have always been committed to the internship program here at Hill and Hollow. We offer the opportunity to live and learn with us and your fellow interns. We know your experience at Hill and Hollow will be invaluable whether you go on to manage your own farm or simply take the knowledge of sustainable farming and living into a career of your choice.